The Alliance Championship battlefield event is divided into 4 stages: registration, qualifiers, Top 128 Finals, and closing stage.

  • In the registration stage, after the R5 Alliance leader has determined the participating members, the qualifiers can be selected from 4 Time periods.
  • The battles of Alliance Championship Battlefield Qualifiers and the Top 128 Finals are fixed on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.
  • The qualifiers will be grouped according to the 4 time periods, and each group is randomly matched against an alliance in the competition.
  • Each alliance group will play 6 rounds of random matches, then they will be ranked by the number of alliance points earned in each round.\n6. The leaderboard ranking is according to number of victories obtained. The more wins, the higher the ranking. If the number of victories is tied, then the higher battlefield score gets the higher ranking.
  • In the final stage of the top 128, the system automatically matches the match time and opponent, which can be viewed in the match table schedule.
  • In the round of 128, opponents will be eliminated in one round, and in the final, the champions league will be decided in a best-of-three round series.
  • In the closing stage, rewards for personal ranking and alliance ranking will be settled and distributed. The R5 Alliance leader can distribute rewards to participating alliance members, Alliance event shop and Alliance trials can be operated normally.
  • After the event is closed, the alliance rewards will be cleared and cannot be distributed; the alliance event shop is closed; the alliance trials rewards cannot be received; and the alliance points and personal points will be reset.

Event gameplay.

  • The R5 Alliance leader must register their alliance for participation in Alliance Championship battlefield and determine the alliance members who meet the conditions for participation. And alliance members must repair all troops, air force, and Server Duel wounded troops before entering the battlefield
  • This event is reliant on coordinated alliance strike teams. The Alliance Strike team teleports to the Star Battlefield to participate in 1v1 alliance combat.
  • Units will not be lost from Alliance Championship Battlefield battles; all damaged troops will be auto-repaired after the 60-minute battle is over.
  • Units damaged during the 60-minute battle will enter the repair factory and will have an unlimited capacity. No units will be lost.
  • Points are earned on Alliance level, and personal points are earned for each member of the Alliance strike team.
  • The higher the alliance score, the higher the alliance rank. Rewards are sent according to achieved rank, and R5 Alliance leader can distribute rewards to the members participating in Alliance Championship battlefield.
  • Personal points can be used in exchange for items in the Alliance Championship shop, and the earned personal points determine your position in personal ranking. Personal ranking rewards will be automatically sent to your inventory after the event.
  • In the Alliance Championship Trial, you can receive trial rewards when you reach the requirements for personal points. Unlock the advanced trial to obtain exclusive effects and receive more rewards.
  • The exclusive effects of Alliance Championship battlefield will greatly increase the rewards from Alliance Championship battlefield participation. The earlier advanced trial is unlocked the better the rewards.
  •  When the event ends, alliance points and personal points will be reset to zero.