Alliance Championship battlefield gameplay 

1. The Alliance Championship battlefield battles last for 60 minutes. 

2. In the first 10 minutes after the start of the battlefield, all commanders participating in the war will be prepared in their respective safe areas.

3. During the maintenance period, you need to deploy troops ready to enter the battlefield, otherwise you will not be able to fight. The higher the level of your own base, the more troops can be deployed.

4. After the preparation time is over, the participating members can relocate their bases to the battlefield to fight.

5. Participating members need to relocate their bases around the neutral buildings in the battlefield, loot and occupy the buildings to gain alliance points and win, you can also attack enemy bases in the same non-secure zone.

6. Participants can enter the battlefield at any time during the beginning of the battlefield, and they will not be able to enter the battlefield again if they exit the battlefield during the battle.

7. After 60-minutes the battle is over, and the match results will be settled.

8. The team that earns the highest Alliance points wins.

9. Units will not be lost from Alliance Championship Battlefield battles, all damaged troops will be auto-repaired after the 60-minute battle is over.

10. Units damaged during the 60-minute battle will enter the repair factory and will have an unlimited capacity. No units will be lost.

Battle tips:

1. The individual marching speed bonus in Alliance Championship battlefield will be replaced with a unified bonus.

2. The blocking effect of battleships is inactive in Alliance Championship battlefield.

3. Air force units are available for use during battles but you need to occupy the training field building first in order to use Air Force units.

4. Enemy bases cannot be attacked in safe areas, and troops cannot be dispatched.

5. Participating members can only move to the designated grid around buildings and their own safety zone, each relocation costs 1 advanced relocation item.