* To relocate your Base to a different server, you must meet all of the following conditions:
1. Base registration time should be at most five days.
2. Your Command Center should be below level 6.
3. The server you are transferring to should be at most two months
4. The server you want to relocate to must belong to the game version in which you created your Base, although keep in mind that there are mixed servers you could join.

* If you meet the conditions, you can relocate by the following steps:
- Enter the world map and click on the map icon at the bottom left of the screen, then click on the global icon, choose the server you want to transfer, which is the previous condition, and then choose the appropriate location.

- After clicking on the appropriate location, you have two options:
1. Use the new player relocation item, which you will find in the mail when the command center level reaches 2, and it can only be used once; however, don't worry; if you have already used this item, you can follow the second method.
2. Change location for 2k gold, and you can relocate this way more than once as long as you have enough gold and the other relocation conditions are met.

* Note: Sometimes, server relocation is restricted on some servers even if you meet these conditions.

* Important Notes:
1. If all conditions are fulfilled, You can move to any available server.
2. Do not use the “New Player Relocation” item directly from your Backpack because it will move your Base to a random location on the same server. So please follow the instructions mentioned above to move to another server.
3. Moving to a new server will not affect your Base progress.
4. you can’t move your Base to the center of the map because it will ask you to upgrade your command center to level 9, which will forfeit the Base relocation conditions.