Protecting your Base from attacks is crucial. Here are some methods to follow:

- Click on your Command Center, then choose "Base upgrades." Click on battle protection and select a specific protection type.
- From the world map, click on your Base, select "Base upgrades," then click on battle protection and select a specific protection type.
- Use protection items from your Backpack.
- You can buy protection items from the store in the Backpack by clicking on the "store" tab at the top right of the screen.
- Send your units to ruins to hide them for a certain amount of time; if your Base is attacked, units in ruins won't be destroyed.
- Hide units inside alliance mines if you're in an alliance.

* Note: If the Alliance Fortress is destroyed, mines will also be destroyed, and your units will return to the Base.

- Increase your warehouse level to protect resources from being looted. Develop it to increase protected resource amounts.
- Store resources in the alliance warehouse if you're an alliance member. Please remember that the alliance warehouse will be destroyed if the alliance fortress is destroyed.
- Click on an empty land on the map and choose "occupy" to camp your troops. If your Base is attacked, camped units won't be affected.
(Note: If other players find your army occupation location, they can attack and destroy your troops, so please choose a safe location away from other players!)
- Use Random or Advanced relocation items to change your Base location, making it harder for enemies to find you.
- If your Base was attacked and the number of injured units exceeded the Service Center's capacity, these units will be lost. So build Service Centers within your Base and continuously upgrade them to increase the capacity of wounded troops to prevent losing your units.