- Manufacture powerful tanks, forge Alliances, and command your army into this modern World War strategy game full of action. Launch massive military campaigns to nuke your enemies and eventually capture the nuclear Base. Command your army. Construct tanks. Plan military operations. A huge world map where players can fight each other, chat, and make Alliances.

- The winning Alliance who will control the central nuclear Base and become the military Emperor!

Dominate the battlefield and prove your strategic superiority. Take control of the central nuclear Base and become the military Emperor, Grant favorable titles to your allies, and brand your enemies as bandits. Order a nuclear strike and destroy complete areas as a show of force and power.

Manufacture all kinds of modern and historical tanks. Use Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) to control the front line, send Anti-Tank units/Destroyers/Tank Hunters to destroy the enemy tanks, Utilize Armored Trucks from the Special Vehicles factory to plunder resources quickly and efficiently, and make sure to manufacture Ballistic missile carriers from the Special Vehicles Factory to lay siege to your enemies.

Recruit officers: each officer has unique skills. Send your officers on military missions to gain experience and rewards, upgrade your tanks, and produce new units. Make weapons and equipment, participate in daily and weekly events, and enjoy constant updates throughout the year.

- Occupying other players' Bases. Recruit experienced officers to defeat your enemies. Build defensive weapons to protect your Base; don't give the enemy any chance to occupy your Base.

Join or create strong Alliances with your friends, chat with them, help them, cooperate with your allies to develop Alliance technology, and build Alliance Fort in Alliance territory.