* There are many targets you can attack on the world map. First, ensure you have enough troops to attack, then head to the world map, pick your target, and click on attack!

* If you have the target coordinates (X, Y), you can put them in the box with the magnifier at the bottom of the world map screen. This will transport you to the desired location and attack your target directly.

* Important targets you can attack on the world map:
- Other players’ Bases. You can also attack the players who attacked you by clicking on their coordinates in the battle report you’ve received via mail to be transferred to their location. Remember that if the player has already changed his location, you will be transported to his old location.
- Resources fields: if a player's troops are collecting resources from a resource location, you can attack him and occupy that location if you win the battle.
- Rebel forces and Rebel camps.

You can discover many other locations as you dive deeper into the game.

* Important notes:
- It is recommended to scout your enemies' Bases or resource locations to find out the number of their troops and other important information that can help you plan and attack accordingly.
- You can't attack Bases under protection or members of your Alliance.