The Alliance Fort is a pivotal structure among various Alliance buildings, offering many benefits. Upon placing the Alliance Fort, a blue border will mark your Alliance territory. Any Alliance member within this designated area will benefit from the Alliance Fort.


Placing an Alliance Fort requires meeting specific criteria, which can be verified through the following steps:


- Click on the Alliance icon at the bottom right of your screen.

- Navigate to "Alliance Territory."

- Select one of the Alliance forts to review its specific placement requirements.


It's important to note that each Alliance fort has different requirements. Additionally, you can enhance the benefits by upgrading the level of the Alliance Fort.


Note: Only R5 and R4 members can place the Alliance fort.


Once the Alliance Fort is placed, you can finish building it by sending your troops to the fort; the more troops that contribute, the quicker the fort is built.


Remember that the benefits of the Alliance Fort are only gained once the construction is fully completed and you are within the Alliance Fort border.