An Alliance is a union that brings players together under a set of common goals. You can join an Alliance with your friends or meet new friends and collaborate together by sharing resources and units to defeat enemies.


To join an Alliance, follow these steps:

- Tap on the "Alliance" icon at the bottom right of the screen.

- A list of Alliances will appear.

- You can also use the "Search" box to search for a specific Alliance by name.

- After selecting an Alliance, click on it then choose "Join Requests."

- Some Alliances may have specific conditions for joining set by their leader. If you meet these conditions, you can proceed with the joining process.

- Some Alliances may require you to fill out an application form. Fill in the details to increase your chances of joining, and then click "Send."

- Wait for the Alliance to respond with either approval or rejection.


To create an Alliance, you must meet the following:

- You are not already a member of another Alliance.

- The level of your Command Center is two or higher.

- You have 200 gold, which is the cost of creating an Alliance.


If you meet the requirements, follow these steps to create an Alliance:

- Tap on the "Alliance" icon at the bottom right of the screen.

- Press the "Create Alliance" button at the bottom of the Alliance screen and 200 gold will be deducted (the cost of creating the Alliance).

- Choose a name for the Alliance and an abbreviation, considering the naming conditions found at the bottom of the Alliance name field.

- Select the Alliance slogan (optional), which is the description of the Alliance. You can write any impactful sentence or quote, and you can change it at any time from within the Alliance settings.