Throughout the event, rebel forces will launch consecutive attacks on your Base. Your objective is to successfully repel these rebel army waves to secure a higher rank in the event and earn valuable rewards.


A countdown will indicate the event's starting time; once the countdown concludes, only the Alliance Captain and Vice-Captains have the authority to start the event. They can do so by navigating to the event page and selecting "Start Event."


Note: You can only start the event after 2 hours of its finish time.


Event rules:

- Shields are ineffective against the rebel army.

- You must hold off the rebel offensive. The more rebels you kill, the more rewards you get. Killing less than 50% of the rebels counts as a failure.

- Once the rebels have defeated you twice, they won’t attack a third time. At this point, you can help your allies defend their Bases by reinforcing them. Allies receiving aid still get the same score for killing enemies, and you can boost your score by killing additional enemies this way.

- When all Alliance members have lost two sieges or survived enough waves of attack, the event ends for your Alliance.

- During the event, rewards for your Alliance and personal scores are calculated Based on the Alliance you are in at 24:00. If you switched Alliances during the event, any scores with your former Alliance are invalid.

-The rebel army won’t loot your resources.

-The rebel army won’t wound an excessive number of your troops.

- Event rewards are distributed at 24:00 (server time) on the day after the event ends. If you quit your Alliance before then, you will forfeit your rewards.