The Nuclear Silo is located in the middle of the world map (X=600; Y=600).

Any Alliance that occupies the silos for 8 hours becomes the ruling Alliance. The ruling Alliance captain has the power to appoint a server consul; if no consul is elected within 8 hours after occupying the nuclear silo, the ruling Alliance captain will be set automatically.


- Nuclear War Preparation Phase:

The preparation period for the nuclear war begins after a certain period has passed in the server, and the nuclear war will commence once the timer indicated above the nuclear silo is completed.


- Battle Details:

When the nuclear war battles begin, all Alliance members can participate by sending their troops to control the nuclear silo. The Alliance that controls the nuclear Base will win if they maintain control for eight consecutive hours. After that, the ruling Alliance's leader can appoint the consul, and the nuclear silo will be under protection for ten days.


There are four defensive turrets around the nuclear silo. If a different Alliance than the one present in the nuclear silo gains control of one of these towers, they will launch bombs at the nuclear Base, killing several units present there.


- Protected Silo Phase:

The protection status of the nuclear Silo lasts for 10 days, during which attempting to gain control of the silo is not possible. After the protection period ends, the nuclear war will start again.


- Rocky Area:

The nuclear silo is surrounded by a vast, rocky area, making military advancement noticeably slower.


Losses incurred from any battles that occur in the nuclear silo or the surrounding defense turrets result in killed units, with no wounded units.