Babil Games complies in accordance with the international applicable laws and regulations related to the privacy policy; thus, players can protect their personal data. Therefore, any player has the right to erase all the data collected from your account.

Kindly read all the terms and policies for deleting accounts from the database of the game:
- All accounts that are bound to your base will be removed.
- All your recorded data will be deleted from our database, including (character id).
- The base will be deleted permanently, and it won't be accessible by any other player.
- Any information about the player will be erased, whether it is advertising data or a subscription with any other parties.
- Player will not have the legal rights to claim refunds regarding any purchase you've made on this base.
- Player will not have the legal right to re-claim your base and achievements.
- We won't be able to retrieve your deleted base and your personal data.
- All your conversations with the support team will be deleted, and you will be considered a new player if you contact the team in the future.

Please contact the support team to submit your request to delete your personal data.