You can relocate to another server by:

From the world map, choose “map icon,” click on the earth icon, and search for the wanted server you wish to move your base to, now you will have two options to relocate your base:
1- Relocate your base using “New Player Relocation” which you can find in your mail when your command center reaches level 2 (Can be used for one time only)
2- For 2000 gold you can use “Relocation “ torelocate your base, you can use this method several times as long as you have2000 gold to spend on the item and met all relocation conditions.

Required conditions for Base relocation:

1-New Baseage shall not exceed 5 days.
2- the command center shall not reach level 6.
3- you’ll have to leave your alliance ifyou already joined one.
4- Return all troops to your base.
5-New server age shall not exceed 2 months

-Important Notes:
1. You can move to any server you want if allmentioned conditions are fulfilled.
2. Do not use the “Novice Relocation” itemdirectly from your backpack because it will move your base to a random locationin the SAME server. So please follow the instruction mentioned above to move toanother server.
3. moving to a new server will not affect yourbase progress.
4. If you were given a title by the serverconsul, you will not be allowed to relocate to another server even if you metthe conditions. (You can relocate again when the title period ends or removed).
5. you can’t move your base to level 9-11 resource locations (in the middle of the map) because it will ask you to upgrade your command center to level 9, which will waiver base relocation conditions.

*Please keep in mind that the relocation may be restricted to some servers even if you match these conditions.