You can protect your base by Activating Base upgrades. Just head to the world map, click on your base, then choose "Base upgrades," these include:

1. Defense Bonus: Increase the defense of your troops for a limited time.

2. Protection items: Use them to protect your base from any attack for a limited time. You can purchase these items from the gold store.

You can also enhance your defense capabilities by:

Producing defensive weapons in the "Defensive Weapon Factory."
All weapons made (rockets, landmines, and guided missiles) will be added automatically to help defend your base from any attack.

Here are some more recommendations on how to protect your base strategically:

- Protect your resources from being looted by other players in the Warehouse by upgrading it to increase the protected resources' capacity.
- Hide your troops in Ruins sites when your base is under attack. Troops in ruins can't be attacked or scouted.
- Deploy your forces in any empty location on the map to occupy, and your troops will camp in the chosen site. Therefore enter an unattackable status.
- Use Relocation items to change your base location and make it harder for the enemy to find you.
- If your deployed troops in the resources zones get attacked, retreat to your base before they get attacked again.
- Repairing your troops in "Service Center" and upgrading it to increase its capacity will help you avoid significant losses.