When Nuclear Silos enter battle status, all alliance commanders can send troops to Nuclear Silos and Defense Turrets.

- Deployed troops will provide support to Nuclear Silos or Defense Turrets occupied by your alliance. If buildings are occupied by another alliance, then the troops will enter the battle.

- Nuclear Silo and Defense Turret troop strength will be determined by the number of occupying troops and their level in the Hall of War.
- If a Nuclear Silo and a Defense Turret are occupied by different alliances respectively, then the turret will fire at the silo, causing damage and wounding troops.

- If a Nuclear Silo enters battle with 4-gun turrets, troops wounded on either side will suffer direct death.

- Any alliance that occupies the silos for more than 8 hours becomes the ruling alliance.
- The ruling alliance captain has the power to appoint consuls.

- Consuls have the right to appoint officials, issue reward packs, and launch nuclear bombs while they are in power.

-the consul has two privileges :" consul order " and "official appointment ".
-consul order :
it can consume alliance resources to release 2 " battlefield/server order " and 4 alliance order "
after the battlefield order is relesed , all players in the server will get the order effects.
alliance orders can assist or disrupt an alliance. once approved ,they will affect all members of the selected alliance.
each alliance can only get 1 alliance order during that consul's term in offfice .
each order can only be released once during a consul's term.
after the consul's term ends, any orders in effect will be reset.
- official appointment
8 officials and 8 rebels can be appointed during the term of consul.