Please note that not all devices' specifications and versions are compatible with the game, so the device type is very important to have an exciting experience while playing the game.
- Please go through the following steps to help you solve the issue:
1- Check your internet connectivity quality; the game needs a strong connection to play. So any interruption in the connection may cause problems in playing. Try to use another stable internet source.
2- Ensure that the game version is updated to the latest version by going to Google Play on your device.
3- Update your device to the latest OS version. You can check that from your device settings.
4- Clear the cache in your device using the following methods:
- Go to your device settings, then applications or (apps).
- Choose Strike of Nations: Alliance Empire from your applications list. Then you will get information about the app, including:
* Storage location, click on it, then click clear cache.
- Uninstall the game and reinstall it.
5- Clear your device memory by closing the applications that you do not use now, and they are still opened in the background.
6- Delete or Uninstall large applications and files that you do not want, as this increases the storage capacity in your device.