Some tips about Cannon War:

1- When the event begins, all battlefields share the world chat.
2- During the event, the system will assign one of the six border War Fortresses to the commander for the attack. Destroying troops in a specified War Fortress can earn lots of personal points.
3- The personal points of all commanders on this server are aggregated as battlefield points.
4- When your battlefield points increase, the War Cannon will get more protection resources.
5- Get enough battlefield points, and your War Cannon can fire at cannons on rival battlefields.
6- During the event, you'll receive stage rewards when your personal points reach a certain level.
7- When the event ends, participating commanders will receive protection resources according to their personal point scores.
8- When the event ends, the higher your personal points, the more rewards you'll receive.
9- When the event ends, the more points a battlefield has, the more rewards that the server’s participating commanders receive.
10- All rewards will be sent via system mail.
11- Commanders who didn't earn points during the event won't get rewards.