Here are some tips about the Unclaimed Land.
The Gate will appear on the world map border when the event starts.
1- When the event begins, commanders can send troops of level 6 or above through the Unclaimed Land Gate. After confirmation, they enter the Unclaimed Land.
2- At the Gate, you’ll be able to choose the items you wish to take into the Unclaimed Land.
3. Officers must lead troops who enter Unclaimed Land. At least one officer of level 20 or above is required to send troops through the Gate.
4- If you retreat whilst in the Unclaimed Land, all troops will be returned to the Gate, including those that are injured.
5- Repairs can’t be carried out at the Unclaimed Land Gate; you need to send troops back to your base.
6- All items will be returned with troops sent back to the base.
7- When the event finishes, all troops at the Unclaimed Land Gate will be returned to base automatically.
8- The attributes of AC-130 come into effect in the Unclaimed Land.
9- When troops return from the Unclaimed Land after a retreat or after the event ends, ensure that your Service Center has sufficient capacity to avoid unnecessary losses.