1- When the event begins, you can send troops of level 6 or above into the Unclaimed Land Gate.
2- The Gate will appear on the world map border when the event starts.
3- You'll need to confirm you want to send troops in once they arrive at the Gate
4- You need an officer of at least level 20 to send troops to battle in Unclaimed.
5- The system auto-selects 4 battlefields for inclusion in the Unclaimed Land event.
6- All troops sent by commanders from the same battlefield will spawn in the base camp.
7- The event requires commanders to use officers to lead troops.
8- Commanders from different battlefields can capture buildings to acquire points in the Unclaimed Land.
- Acquire points by capturing Unclaimed Fortresses and Armed Watchtowers for the first time.
- Acquire points by occupying resource collection areas, Unclaimed Atom Factories, and Unclaimed Service Stations.
- Wiping out troops from rival battlefields will earn you lots of points.
- The higher the level of enemy troops you destroy, the more points you'll receive.
9- Reach set points goals to get additional rewards.
10- Commanders are ranked according to their personal scores. The top 50 commanders will get ranking rewards.
11- Battlefield points are an aggregate of the personal scores of all commanders on that battlefield.
12- When the event finishes, every participating commander in the battlefield ranked first will receive battlefield rewards.
13- The battlefield with the most points will become the Guardian Battlefield and receive luxury rewards 3 days after the event finishes.