- During the event, gold is used for a lottery, and various rewards can be obtained at random.
- When the number of lottery draws reaches 10, you will receive one of the super prize items.
- After the event, the number of lottery draws will be reset.
- You can randomly obtain keys in the corresponding jackpot, which can be used to exchange for the ultimate prize.
- The ultimate prize will be rotated for each event.
- The keys will not disappear after the event and can be exchanged in future events.

Jackpot, there are three types of reward pools with different rewards. Commanders can select different jackpot options to draw prizes.
- "Rapid growth": growth key, Iron Blood key, Skin, Iron Blood, acceleration, technology, and other related items.
- "Crazy war": war key, Iron Blood key, Skin, airport, Part, bonus, and other related items
- "Troop star": officer key, Iron Blood key, Skin, Tank Advancement, officer, and other related items.