Here are some tips on the Magic Genie event:
1- During the event, collect the honor points to a specific value by topping up, then get the corresponding reward.
2- When you get any rank reward, the summoning countdown will start.
3- After activating, countdown top-up to a specific value, and you will be able to summon Magic Genie and get Genie items.
4- If you don't reach a specific honor value before the countdown ends, the wish fails.
5- For each wish rank, you can only summon Magic Genie once.
6- The honor points from using items will not be counted in the event.
7- The reward for topping up will be put in the backpack, and you will be noticed by mail.
8- After wishing is completed, the wishing items need to be picked up by yourself.
9- The wishing items only can be picked up before the event ends; please do it on time.

The event principle is to collect honor from purchases to get rewards.
The event contains ranks you can unlock in order; when you unlock a certain level, you will get its rewards, then the genie counter will start. During this time, you must purchase the packages and collect the required honor; when you have the required amount before the time ends, the genie will appear to you and will achieve a wish for you, and when failing to collect the required amount, you will not achieve wish rewards.

You get initial rewards once you reach the required honor within the rank, and special rewards for the same rank are obtained when you charge the extra value of honor.

If the required honor points in the first stage are (170 points) and you purchase packages containing 170 points, you will unlock the rank and get its initial rewards. The recall cooldown will start, and the honor amount required will appear under the rank (305 pride points). In case you purchased packages containing 305 points of honor before the cooldown ends, you will be able to collect special rewards.