Here is some info about Converged Rebels
1- The global rebel army randomly appears in level 7 resource belts. Follow coordinates to find them.
2- Rebel armies exist across servers and share HP.
3- There are three global rebel armies of random difficulties.
4- Defeat one army to unlock the next.
5- Successful rallies against rebel forces will accumulate damage points, add to your total points and reduce the global rebel army’s overall HP.
6- Failed rallies against rebel forces won’t earn damage points or add to your total points but will still reduce rebel HP.
7- Defeated rebels will drop rewards for all participating commanders.
8- The more damage a commander causes to a rebel army, the higher their chances of receiving high-level rewards.
9- At the end of the event, cross-server rankings are calculated according to damage players have caused the three global rebel armies, and rewards are given accordingly.
10- Cross-server alliance rankings are also calculated based on damage dealt by alliance commanders.
11- If you quit your alliance during the event, your alliance damage points will be reset, and your endpoints will be calculated from when you joined the new alliance.
12- During the event, cross-server world chat is available.