1- Group Transport
Major Lea's ultimate skill Group Transport can collect resources from all locations instantly. You will get all the help your troops can carry except for gold, and they will start marching to the base.

2- Infiltration
Captain Aldo's ultimate skill, Infiltration, ignores the target's defensive shield when scouting. Counter-scouting items are still effective. You can also see how long their shield has remaining. This skill is effective up to 5 times in the hour after it is used.

3- Excitement
Li Wenzheng's ultimate skill Excitement after activation will increase the attack, defense, and Hp for all troops by 50% for 30 minutes, and when you send your troops, a red halo will surround them.

4- Special Ops
Lone Wolf's ultimate skill Special Ops allows you to end a rally early and send troops to attack immediately.

5- Precise Detonation
Igor Active skill, when you attack enemy bases, their defenses will be directly reduced (by 7% of the base defense limit). The skill lasts for 10 minutes once used, and when you send your troops, a white halo will surround them.

6- Penetration: Lu Xianyue's ultimate skill (Penetration). Activating the Penetration will reduce the defense of the hostile military units by a certain amount for a period of time. When you send your troops, a blue halo will surround them.

7- High Explosives
Jafar's ultimate skill where loading high explosive ammo will increase the chances for all troops to cause shock damage by 40% for 30 minutes. When you send your troops, a green halo will surround them.

Ultimate skills cannot be activated until the general reaches LVL 50.