1- Feint Active skill.
Immediately returns all deployed troops to your base, excluding troops engaged in battles.
2- Mobilization Active skill.
Increases troop deployment limit by
3- Repair time Active skill
Returns all lost units to your Service Center as injured troops until the capacity is full. Only valid for the first attack on an enemy base after skill activation.
4- Bumper Harvest Active skill.
All your resource zones immediately gain an output of 12 hours of operation.
5- Preparing for War Active skill.
Accelerates resource collection by 100% for 2 hours after use.
6- War Resources Active skill.
Protects your base resources from being looted for 2 hours.
7- Strengthen Defense Active skills.
Immediately acquire 500 defensive weapons of one random type, selected from the highest level of defensive weapons you can currently build.
8- Docking Station Passive skill.
Temporarily increases the Service Center limit by 100,000 when injured troop numbers exceed the limit. Lasts for 2 hours.