There are compensations after the server merge. All commanders in the server will get:

- 100 gold items *5.
- 2 items of Advanced relocation from.
- 2 base protection last for 8 hours.
- 50 March Boosts.
- 2 items of Honor Statue.
- In case of alliance buildings are removed, each member of the alliance will receive the following for each removed building 2*(200 golds), 4*(500,000 food), 4*(500,000 cash), 5*(1-hour acceleration), and 2*( Relocation of the Alliance).
- In case the trophies granted by the Military Emperor are removed, the commanders will receive compensation for gold and items.
- In case the name of the alliance is similar to that of an alliance in the primary server, the alliance leader will receive an item to change the alliance name.

These bonuses are sent via game mail after the merger is over.