- Domination Event It's a warfare event that's specified for alliances and helps to upgrade the fortress.
- The designated area for the event on the world map:
It is the surrounding area of these four structures.
- The world domination event structures:
These four buildings contain strongholds with various levels and numbers taken out in a specific sequence called "Rebel Fighters."
1-Armory 287;852
2- Chip Factory 295;294
3- Abandon Silos 922;902
4- Abandoned 896;314
*To make it easier to find the buildings, you can go to the world map and click on the map icon in the bottom left of the screen. The buildings will appear clearly on your server map. Click on the desired building to get to its coordinates.
The concept of the event:
You have to take over these specific buildings for you to receive events points, and the rewards and resources required to upgrade the alliance bases are: (Smart chip, Visual chip, and Nuclear chip) The alliance member have to relocate their bases inside the radius of these buildings as a preparation for the attacks, the rebel fighters inside the buildings must be taken down to take over the building, after the takeover for one hour, the building will be under control for the dominating alliance, after the ending of the protection, the building will be available again for dominating battles.
- Some rules must be taken into consideration : 1- All the bases inside the radius of the building won't be able to activate protection.
2- The defense wall for the bases located within the building's areas are exposed to the fire faster than usual.
3- After the building's takeover, the rebel fighters' treasurers will scatter around the building on the world map; these treasures will be available for all the alliances in the server to collect for only ten minutes.
4- eliminating the rebel fighters inside the building will give you event points; that can be exchanged for many rewards inside the points store.
5- After dominating the building,
- The dominating alliance will receive chips daily and automatically from the system
- The alliance leader will receive three boxes from the valuable rewards ( Conqueror Gift Pack) with the ability to give them to the alliance members.
6- The level boxes: the alliance leader or the player who started the rally to destroy the last rebel fighters will receive these boxes.
7- When the last level of the rebel fighters protecting the building is eliminated, the player who attacked the factory will be able to control it and stay inside it for a full hour.
- During this hour, other commanders can attack Him inside the factory. The battle is counted between players only, any commander who wins the war, the commander becomes in control of the factory, and the defeated commander is removed from the factory.
- Important notes:
- In the actions that occur between the players and the rebel forces protecting the structure inside the building of the event to control it, there will be no dead troops, only wounded.
- There will be no wounded in the battles between players inside the event's buildings to control them, but only killed troops.