The payment process is done through the official payment platforms of Google and Apple, and the purchase process is easy and clear. However, errors may sometimes occur, and the server might face delays, so be patient and do not repeat the purchase process because the previous one is still in progress.

Restart the game and check if the gold and items were added to your account; if the payment is stuck for more than 24 hours, contact our support team to solve it, and you will get a reply within 48 hours.

Please make sure to provide the following:

1- The purchase receipt for the transaction you made but did not receive.

2- Character ID; you can find it by pressing on your avatar's picture (on the top left of the screen).

3- A picture and name of the packages you have purchased but did not receive

4-Character IDs of your other base in the game (if you have any).

5-Screenshots of the successful payment receipts that were made on the exact day and amount inside your base.

6-purchase confirmation mail if you have received it inside the game.

Rest assured that you will not lose any of your rights in our game.