1- Group Transport
The active skill of Major Lea completes resources collection for all resources zones instantly. You will receive all the resources your troops can carry (excludes gold), and they will return to base automatically.

2- Infiltration
The active skill of Captain Aldo ignores the target's defensive shield when scouting. Counter-scouting items are still effective. You can also see how long their shield has remaining.
This skill is effective up to 5 times in the hour after it is used.

3- Excitement
The active skill of Li Wenzheng will increase the attack, defense, and HP of all troops.
It will last for 30 minutes.

4- Special Ops
The active skill of Lone Wolf allows you to end a rally early and send troops to attack immediately.

5- Precise Detonation
The active skill of Igor. When you attack enemy bases their defenses will be directly reduced.
The skill lasts for 10 minutes once used.
Note: rallied troops can't benefit from this effect.

6- Penetration
The active skill of Lu Xianyue reduces the enemy troop defense for 30 minutes.

7- High Explosives
The active skill of Commander Jafar. Loading high explosive ammo for a period of time will increase the chances for all the troops to cause shock damage.
It will last for 30 minutes.

8- Raptor Strike
The active skill of Elizabeth will increase the offensive, defensive, HP of army, the air force's evasion in round battles, air force's attack versus ground units, and the air force's attack versus air units.  
It will last for 30 minutes.

Note: you won't be able to activate any of these skills unless you level up the commander to level 50 and fulfill the other condition of each one.